It has been said when Life stares you in the face, you begin to think differently. Memories rise up from the depths of your heart and a deep desire to reconnect with age-old friends starts poking you in every direction . You not only want to hear their voices, you want to see their faces!

My husband did just this. Friends he had known for most of his life , over a span of 50-60 years fell under his radar of video calls to make in recent days.

While he was in deep conversation with one such dear friend, he walked over to me in the kitchen and held the phone smack in full frontal view of my face. Now here I was in my house clothes, sans make-up with my hair propped up in this loose bun and that notorious kitchen dish cloth balanced beautifully over my shoulder!

I was startled, stupefied and dumb-founded to say the least and had no choice but to put on a cheerful smile and greet this friend. The conversation lasted only a few minutes, with his spouse popping in the background to throw in a quick hello, looking all glammed up and chic.

After the customary goodbyes, my hubby walked away cheerfully without so much as the slightest notion of what he had just done ! I felt a slow rage rise up from my toes, building up momentum as it meandered through my veins and was almost making its way to the deep seat of my heart , when the mechanics of my spiritual perception screeched its brakes right before the flames of rising anger !

A sweet, gentle voice stopped me in my tracks of what would have been an unpleasant confrontation! The voice of reasoning continued to speak to me -what if my husband had no intention of putting me on the spot without so much as a second thought, what if he didn’t think I looked unpresentable, homely or plain ? What if to him I looked okay?

This epiphany revealed to me that what he did was actually a compliment ! I needed to see that through my inner-perspective eyes! It isn’t always that we are sensitive to our voice of intuition. We need to pay attention and listen with discerning ears. This would prevent us from making many, many regrettable mistakes.

I smiled, and decided to accept and receive this revelation !

P.S:- I couldn’t help but ask him much later why he did what he did. His reply:- You looked perfectly alright to me ! Case closed !!

This popped up on my Fb memory posting today. I had made a gentle but earnest request to ‘2021’ to be kind to us. I had posed this question to myself, ‘what will I be writing on the pages of my diary ‘?

Well, the time has arrived for me to revert to my diary. What were the events, emotions, lessons and promptings that my pen had etched over the 365 days of 2021?

My diarys’ pages revealed that the ‘prima donna’ who stole the whole show was none other than Madame Covid19. She was not about to give up easily and continued to rampage many lives all over the globe. She threw governments off balance and left them literally groping in the dark, not knowing whether they were doing the right thing. Vaccines were faithfully administered, people got better, felt safer and then there were people who got worse and did not feel safe.

Throughout these turbulent waves of uncertainty, the human race struggled . We struggled with everyday living, everyday isolation, everyday depression, side by side with job insecurities and losses, price hikes, relationship disasters, domestic violence, divorce, unexpected extreme weather conditions and travel bans!! Many of my close friends lost their precious and beloved family members, some were victims of accidents, some underwent surgery, some had a dormant condition reoccur, some lost their cherished pets and some fell under the umbrella of despondency.

Taking advantage of peoples vulnerability during such trying times emerged a group of unscrupulous vermin who paraded as investors and ended up scamming many innocent folks of their precious life savings! It is here I have to reiterate that a human’s worst enemy is another human !!

I had my fair share of tribulation too- loss of loved ones, close friends and family members falling ill, pets succumbing to ailments, to name a few, but on the positive side, family members and friends reconnected and bonded, misunderstandings were ironed out, jobs were secured and promotions initiated. A dear one moved into their new home, another was relocating due to better job prospects, and friends dropped off flowers and personally baked goodies because we were in their thought frequency!

From an intimate standpoint, I am learning to control and curb my repartees, to direct my wordplay towards kindness, be sensitive and conscious of my thought processes and my actions, appreciate family and friends and recognize the good in them and hope to inspire many through my personalized jottings.

The world is indeed a beautiful place with some of the kindest, most amazing people .They can be found in the most unusual places – he could be the vegetable seller at the market who gave you a bunch of bananas free of charge simply because, or the guy at the supermarket who stepped back so you could step into the queue before him, or the lady who lets you into the lift instead when there’s just enough space for one person. These kind acts inevitably has a domino effect and every recipient goes into ‘pay forward’ mode , like a chain reaction !

My diary highlighted that politicians played dirty games and pitched innocent and good-hearted people against each other by spinning the race/religion cards. The people proved to be undeterred by these game players, instead they exercised their unity and solidarity which was seen at the recent flood disaster. Many put their lives at risk and went the extra mile to rescue helpless people, irrespective of race and religion! Domestic pets too were fed and rescued.

My diary goes on to mention that 2021 emerged as the year of the Hopeful ! The people demonstrated that Hope is the one thing that helped us get through the darkest of times. Hope is like a star, you get to see it at its brightest in the darkest of skies. Hope kept us all afloat. Hope kept us from drowning in hopelessness. Todays troubles seem bearable because we believe tomorrow will be better. This is the power and magic of Hope ! Hope is put in our hearts by God. “Hope in God renews our strength, and we will soar on wings like eagles, we will run and not grow weary, we will walk and not be faint.”(Isaiah 40:31)

On that beautiful note, the entries in my diary for 2021 took a bow!

What will the pages of my 2022 diary invite me to write ? I can only be still and ‘hope’ that my pen will ink the pages with miracles and magic, with stories of love, humanity, kindness, endeavor, faith, resilience, diligence, hope, trust, integrity, compassion, inspiration, peace and solidarity.

2022, please be kind ! ❤


When the first rays of the sun kisses the earth with her warmth, the world of little creatures stir from their nests and their natural habitat to carry out their daily rituals .

They appear to have a driven purpose, a plan, a strategy. They know exactly what to do- an inbuilt programming, in other words an amazing natural instinct. I believe they possess a clear purpose of life, more than some of us humans!

Birds fly with their partners, some nesting, some picking up worms, some simply enjoying pecking at the coconut flowers in bloom. These cuties are up at dawn and their endless back and forth chitter-chatter sounds like a parliamentarian session aimed towards arriving at some important decisions and strategies for the days activities ! If only they knew what joy we derive from gazing at them !

Bees remind me of drones, buzzing away, shifting from flower to flower, sipping the nectar, not realizing how much they help in pollination and honey-nesting. Absolutely purpose-driven, focused and productive! I can hardly remember ever having seen a bee sit still !

And oh, those exquisite, fragile butterflies -flitting from bloom to bloom, whispering sweet-nothings into the ears of the petals, without a care in the world! To get to be as beautiful as they are , they most certainly went through a lot!

The metamorphosis of a butterfly is truly spectacular ! From the egg-laying, to the larva stage to the pupa. Here I purpose to stop, simply because this is precisely when the butterfly struggles to free itself from the confines of the pupa case with great difficulty and continuous labor. Eventually the emergence of a gorgeous butterfly made it all worthwhile !

This stunning scenario speaks volumes to me- most things in life prove to be worth all that struggle and pain we had to go through, the end result being so satisfying and rewarding ! These tiny creatures are our life’s Teachers- Natures very own – and if you were to pay close attention, you may learn a thing or two about life’s lessons, that things don’t always come easy- hard work, focus, diligence, strategy, divinity and dedication always pays in the end !

Songs and music have this effect on our emotions, as if our brain, ears and heart are instantaneously zapped with electric currents that relay the vibrations of a mysterious, magical mist that seeps into our system through every pore in our body! Somewhere buttons are switched on and there is an unmistakable surge of warm sensations moving through every nerve and blood vessel , spreading like wildfire , pouring wave after wave of lava like passion till you cannot hold back the floodgates of your tears and you just surrender to this amazing turbulence of sheer love for the Living God !

God has this effect on us, if I may speak for most of us. He manifests Himself through songs, kind words spoken by someone, a dream, an incident, through Nature, prayers answered, miracles, a thoughtful gesture, unlikely circumstances and of course through His Word.

Every time I listen to this song, I get chills and the tears just flow. If I could, I would have loved to sit down with Mary, talk to her kindly, ask her questions like, what was it like being mother to Jesus, raising him, how did you know what to do, did you know what not to do, did you know what to expect? Did you know, Mary, did you?

This Christmas I embrace life like never before- times have changed, people have changed, the world has changed, I have changed. My heart goes out to all those who have lost a loved one, their job, their home- and to those going through tough times, struggling with depression, loneliness, low self-esteem and such, I assure you that the one thing you can be sure of is there is Hope. Always ! I speak from a place of a person who has been through hopelessness and despair . I have known what it is like to feel lost and alone . The day I took my troubles and worries to God and surrendered to Him, things began to change! Its that simple !

When you find yourself backed up against the wall, and you are ALL that you have, your dormant inner self resurrects like a phoenix from the ashes to remind you that you are not alone, that you were never alone.

This brings me to share with you a very significant milestone in my life’s spiritual journey- a time when I came to realize that when I exercised my will power and inner strength, I could almost direct the situation to point in my favor.

I have often been amazed during the course of my adult life, how, whenever I had been faced with an almost impossible situation, all I had to do was tell myself that everything was going to be alright, and I would just release it to the universe. I would psyche myself to believe that this was exactly what was going to happen. I would just let it go and as if the forces conspired to work in my favor, everything would somehow sort itself out and fall into place without my having done a single thing about it !

This became my game plan for the most part of my life. I was so sure that there were hidden forces looking out for my best interests, no matter what! All I had to do was believe in the impossible and trust in the unseen and unknown protectors who patrol around us and keep us safe from harms way.

Some years back my spouse was diagnosed with cancer. The doctor announced quite candidly that it was 3rd grade 4th stage cancer, which in plain language meant he had the most aggressive kind, and it would end up being life-threatening ! This left the doctor with no choice but to schedule a procedure to have my husband’s bladder surgically removed which would result in him having a stoma bag outside of his body for the rest of his life. Needless to say, I was stumped! I was filled with trepidation! My husband’s morale would surely take a beating as this would unquestionably affect the quality of his life!

On the day of his scheduled surgery, I wanted to take an early morning walk. I needed to pray. The air was still. Not a leaf was moving. I began to talk to God. I asked Him to heal my husband . I said, “God, if You have heard and accepted my prayer, please show me a sign now!” The leaves on the trees were still not moving, yet I felt a distinct but soft brush across my cheek, like a gentle breeze, almost like someone ran their fingers ever so tenderly across my skin! I instantly felt a surge of hope and I believed and accepted it as an answer to my prayers. I decided to surrender and let God do His work.

I remember that morning as clearly as if it were yesterday. My husband was wheeled into the operating theater and I was told to wait outside. Almost an hour later, the nurse summoned me inside. She said the doctor requested to see me! I went in bravely, still holding onto shreds of hope, yet fearing the worst. He looked at me ever so seriously and the next words he said had me reeling in disbelief!

“Mrs. Subash,” he said,- ” I don’t know what to say but it’s a Miracle!” I said, “Doc, what do you mean?” He said,” That is exactly what I mean! It’s a miracle! There is no trace of cancer! This is the first time I have ever seen such a case!”

Tears flowed down my cheeks and we both praised and thanked God for His Grace and Mercy! He had answered my prayer ! All I had to do was BELIEVE, LET GO AND LET GOD !

Some of our friends and acquaintances were not convinced that it was a miracle and I was not going to try and explain something that was beyond and above the surgeons expert diagnosis. I find it very strange and contradictory when those who profess to believe in a miracle-working God, when actually faced with a miracle, literally gawk in disbelief and take a step back !!!

What matters is today my husband is cancer-free and we are extremely grateful to friends and family who prayed along with us .

Know that you are your own creator, master of your destiny and owner of your actions WHEN you trust in the Captain of your Life chariot- your God, your Creator !

Moral:- Trust, Believe and Surrender! Everything in time, everything in HIS time!

When we were young, my father used to constantly remind us to practice ‘detached attachment”. That was his mantra. At first I could never understand what it meant until many years later , after I was married and had my own children.

It was then that I realized what a ocean of wisdom these words held! To fully understand the depth of this amazing mantra, I traced my steps back to the days when I was schooling. By then all my older siblings were married with children and stayed away in different parts of the country. Thus my life from birth up until my marriage was spent in the company of my dear parents. I don’t recollect a time ever when my parents pined or yearned for their children or their grandchildren. They were never bored with their life. Early to bed and early to rise was an unbreakable practice with them.

Dad fitted very comfortably into his retired lifestyle with morning walks, marketing trips, managing a poultry farm and a vegetable garden, afternoon snoozes followed by visits from our friendly neighbors and winding up his day with his customary ‘chota’ or peg of whiskey as we call it.

Mum was always bustling with the household agenda of seeing to the meal preparations, club meets, badminton games and visits to local spiritual discourses. They were simple folk living simple lives and extremely content and happy within their own world.

I fitted into their world pretty well. Attending school took up most of my time, tuition classes, playing and taking care of my pet dogs, and winding down with homework in the cozy comfort of my own room.

I noticed the excitement in my fathers walk and the glow in my mothers eyes when they had news of my siblings impending visitations. Dad would stock up the fridge with food and the store shelves were always full of all the essential dry, edible items , including the seasons fruit yield namely, jackfruit, mangoes, bananas etc. They never compelled any one to come visit or to extend their stay. They simply enjoyed them for when they were with us and sent them off happily when the time came to depart. There was no expectation from either side and this made room for smooth conversations and amicable interaction. This is the kind of home I grew up in, loving my solitude and my own company.

Many years down the line, I unconsciously began adopting my parents mantra-style. I began to practice a “detached-attached ” kind of relationship with my husband, my children and my friends. I tried not to have too many expectations and I learnt to let go. Trust me it wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t impossible either. End result- no room for hurt feelings -just love !

“Detached Attachment” is a beautiful mantra. I have over time inculcated this magical practice into my children. Most of them reside overseas. Now its just me and my significant other. There are days when I don’t miss them at all and there are days when I think about them ,but I have never yearned for them to the point where I break down and feel miserable. I have learnt to let go gracefully in the full belief they all have their own families, their own lives and living happily and fulfilled . This gives me confidence to carry on with my life the way I am supposed to- with no strings attached, yet connected with invisible golden threads of faith and love that has withstood the test of time and kept us all together in a strong web of understanding, mutual respect and amazing love!

“Detached Attachment” is not only a mantra, it is a Lifestyle !

I have always taken great pride in keeping my home neat, welcoming and pleasing to the eye. The adage ‘A place for everything and everything in its place’ works for me beautifully !

Over the years, a dark, unsightly stain began to appear near an area on the wall next to the aircon in the dining room. It began to spread like a disease and irked me every time I glanced at it. Unable to stand it any longer, we finally decided to do something about it!

There were two options:-

  1. Scrape it away neatly, then paint a coat of emulsion followed by a coat or two of gloss/lacquer paint. This would ensure a much longer lasting result.
  2. Get one of those canned lacquer sprays and do a ‘quick-fix’ with it by spraying 2-3 coats and letting dry between. This comes with no guarantee that the stain will not reappear !

We opted for the quick-fix. The job was done and the wall looked great. I was so pleased !

Our lives are sometimes like this stain. We carry certain flaws with us that we think we can get away with . An intense self-examination often reveals areas that we could fix, some in the wink of an eye and others that will require a much harder effort. What would we opt for?

Relationships have always been challenging. There will be days when arguments break out, sometimes serious fights too. Caught up in the intensity of the moment, harsh words may be spoken, feelings are hurt and from being sweet, loving partners, we become screaming, abusive hyenas !

Well, we could say a quick sorry, in a rather flippant manner, just to get the unpleasant situation over and done with. If this apology was lacking sincerity, chances are there will be a repeat performance of the war zone scene, more angry words are thrown at each other and the sacred space that existed between you two will be tarnished with deep scars that might take a very long time to be erased, most times never !

The best way always is to apologize, but it must come with sincerity, a sincerity that is so genuine, so full of integrity that the window to future quarrels will diminish and disappear in due time. We would work harder at respecting one another and avoid delivering deliberate jibes at each other. The result is a long-term fix which will withstand the test of time, and your relationship will be all the more sweeter !

I know in due course that stain is going to show up again, a little at a time. The next time I fix it, I know exactly what to do. I will opt for to go the extra mile – more work, hard work but worth it in the long run !

The Oxford English dictionary is an amazing compilation of words, words and more words! New words have been accepted and made their debut into this ‘word bible’ of a book ever so often ! A word-lovers delight, a writers euphoria, a teachers fallback, it is a magical , mystical mumbo-jumbo of utterances made up of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions and interjections !!

I have often wondered why people choose the words they choose to express their emotions. I recall during the 70’s the worst word you could utter was ‘ Bloody ‘. Then came a string of indecent, obscene profanity which embedded itself in most peoples vocabulary, simply because they believed that somehow it helped express themselves more clearly, that it enhanced their vocalization and added more color to it ! Nothing could be done about this although some countries prohibit the use of curse words and profanity in public places.

The modern usage and flexibility of the ‘F’ word was established by the mid-to-late 19th century and has been very present since. Literally, it means the sexual act, but I can’t for the life of me understand why it has to be used as an expletive or an intensifier of vocabulary !! Comedians tend to rely on using it in their comedic routines, and seriously, I have never found it funny but distasteful ! A true comedian is one who does not depend on vulgarity and profanity to make his audience laugh .

The ‘F’ word began to break into cinema in the 60’s and stayed on ever since. The ‘word’ is frequently edited out of songs and films when broadcast on television, but now with the appearance of movies and TV shows online, the ‘word’ has comfortably found a niche in the entertainment world.

The danger lies in the fact that the ‘word’ is here to stay . Children hear it all the time, parents are using it freely in front of their kids, and almost the entire world thinks it is fashionable to use profanity as a way to express anger and strong sentiments and to offend or shock the listener. The danger also lies in the fact that the ‘word’ is becoming increasingly less vulgar and more publicly acceptable.

A lot of stuff that was once considered unthinkable or taboo is becoming admissible and allowable. What can we do to rectify this? The answer is NOTHING ! When politicians and elected leaders are letting the ‘word’ slip out in Parliament every now and then and admonished with only a mild warning, what hope is there ?

There is however, a solution. For those of us who choose to refrain from using profanity in our daily conversations, be the role model you want your children to be!

My parents never used profanity and I grew up choosing not to. I believed that using foul language belittles oneself and lowers our self-esteem and self-worth. When I have the choice of a hundred other words with which I could express myself , why would I want to use words that sound bombastic but mean anything but what I am trying to express??

Based on my personal choice, I raised my children to refrain from using profanity . The same mouth that praises God shouldn’t be the same mouth spitting disgusting words. It may be fashionably acceptable in today’s world, a part of the present-day ‘practiced culture’, to be one with the crowd, to be the ‘in’ thing, but not in my books.

In the present open and accepting culture, I don’t envy young parents who are faced with such challenging times. How will they shield their tender, young, impressionable children from hearing and absorbing contemptibly offensive vocabulary ? The onus is on the parents shoulders to explain, guide and steer their young ones towards better speech selection. Remember, the ‘Practice what you preach’, mantra ?

There is only so much we can do as parents. The huge ‘Arena of Life’ awaits our children, the ‘Gladiators’ who will have to face and fight their battles, the best way they know how, based on the truth they have inculcated while growing up. How they choose to live their lives is entirely up to them. We wait, watch and hope .

Note: The views expressed in the above article is solely the writers own, not meant to offend anyone and not directed to anyone in particular.

When I gaze into my Carmello’s eyes, I see a beautiful soul struggling with that miserable entity called ‘Old Age’. Carmello is indeed heading for that ‘degree’ called ‘Seniority’. He’s hitting 15 doggie years, that’s equivalent to 105 human years !

His back legs are wobbly , he’s 90% blind in both eyes and a recent visit to the vet confirmed he has an enlarged heart. My heart aches every time I see him moan when he eases himself into a lying-down position. That is how much effort it takes for him to settle down. Undeniably he is a Senior Citizen now.

Of late, he sleeps most of the time. The consolation is he still has a good appetite and occasionally plays with his stuffed toy, although that activity too is steadily decreasing.

Sophie too is becoming a Grand Old Dame. She’s just a year younger to Carmello, which makes her 98 in human years. Of late she started developing bouts of thirst, ending up with her lapping up copious amounts of water at intervals. I noticed a tiny growth just under her forearm about three months back. The vet revealed that an X-ray would be necessary to determine if there are any such similar growth inside of her body.

Sadly the X-ray revealed that she has a few growths near her vital organs, her kidneys are not functioning at full capacity, therefore the incessant thirst. My heart broke when I slowly digested all this information. The harsh reality is that Carmello and Sophie are from a lineage of crossbred puppies. Due to continuous crossbreeding, the pups develop various health problems in their senior years. Both of them were gifted to me, so I had no idea of their origin.

Again, I wish to stress that humans have always been the reason for destroying anything that is pure, holy and beautiful. Greed and avariciousness has led to destroying innocent lives. What do these poor, speechless creatures know ? They become victims to human’s insatiable appetite to make money at the mercy of subjecting the dogs to go through multiple birthing processes, that literally tear them to shreds and destroy every fragment of life that’s left in them!

Puppy mills are a curse ! There is no mercy exercised -just plain cruelty and desensitized greed! When the buying stops, the breeding will stop too, it has been said. Personally, I believe this will not work . The authorities have to come down hard on puppy mill breeders, fine them heavily and throw them in jail !

As pet owners, let us be vigilant and ascertain as to where the pup you plan to adopt comes from. Our animal shelters are bursting at the seams with more and more rescues. Due to local government non-interest and non-support, these shelters struggle on a daily basis to feed, nurture and care for these animals. Visit our local shelters when you want to adopt . You will undoubtedly fall in love with your forever pet and vice-versa.

Everyday my heart breaks a little bit more, although I try to maintain a cheerful disposition. I am devoting every second of my time with my Carmello, Sophie and Minnie , and I will enjoy their company for as long as we both shall live, so help me God!

She was this sweet thing,

Demure, gentle, soft-spoken,

In her college days-fell in love with her man-

Innocent, defying all norms-she knew he was meant for her-

Marriage followed, kids came along- three difficult births….

Motherhood became her so well-

Dedicated, brimming with love to the point of spoiling,

Slogging day and night-

Up at the crack of dawn, no time for self.

Meals to be prepped, clothes to be pressed-

Her man rushing out, spilling the coffee she so lovingly made .

She sighs, wipes the sweat off her brow,

Cleans the spills, wakes the kids for school,

Reminding them to pack their books, school bus honking,

Escorts them to the bus, waves goodbye –

Collapses in the chair -just 7.45 am and she’s already tired !

Hurriedly chops the vegetables, cooks the rice and packs the lunchbox for spouse..

The ‘dabbawallah’ would be ringing the bell any minute…

She remembers she hadn’t even had a cup of coffee, leave alone breakfast..

There was never a day when she remembered having sat down to have some lunch..

Always something more important to attend to…

A few morsels of bread would keep the hunger pangs down..

This was her story for years and years to come…

Throughout the entire span of time, not a complaint escaped her lips.

Her life was always about her spouse and her children..

Nobody would remember to ask her if she had her meals,

Was she tired? Can we help?

Even when she did have a fever or headache, they wouldn’t know

Such was her life…

Today she is a widow, lives all alone,

Her children can’t keep her-they have their own problems.

She has a fever- but there is no one to hand her medicine,

Her body aches at times -there is no one to apply the ointment or give her a light massage.

Her skin has withered, hair thinned and grey,

Most of her teeth have dropped making it almost impossible to chew anything..

Her frame, frail from weakness, her eyes dim.

Newspapers and the television are her only companions.

Everyday she stands at the window and peers out,

Yearning for someone to drop by..

She sees people scurrying back and forth like there was no tomorrow …

The phone hardly rings, there is no knock on the door,

No one to share a meal with…

Her eyes fill with tears, she remembers the good times

When she had a purpose in life- even though it was the same mundane

routine of cook, clean, wash, serve…

At least she had her family, she slaved for them and didn’t mind at all.

Who is there for her today? Who will cook her a meal and serve her? Who will wash

and hang her clothes to dry? Who will look after her needs when she falls ill? Who will run

and get her help in the case of an emergency? Who will sit with her, have a friendly chat and laugh

over a cup of tea? Who will hold her hand to tell her that everything will be alright?

Waiting for the vegetable vendor was her only solace-

At least she gets to exchange a few words with him.

Her eyes light up when her phone rings..

She beams when she hears her grand-daughters voice…

These are her happiest moments ..

All those years of blood, sweat and tears -so beautifully disguised behind thick curtains of patience and gentle demeanor.

She is not the only one -there is a multitude of senior citizens who live alone and much in need of any help they can get. Some just don’t know how to reach out and your timely appearance like an angel will bring a smile to the flowers in the garden! The sun begins to shine a little more brighter in their lives!

* If you have a neighbor, especially an elder, who lives all by themselves, offer to help them out in any way you can. You could volunteer to take them to the market, to pay their monthly bills, to the bank or ATM machine for withdrawals or deposits, to the clinic/hospital for their monthly check-ups, dental appointments or just drop by for a cup of coffee and a nice chat. Bring some home made cookies too.

*Write down his or her full name and phone number. You can always call to check on your neighbor, and if everything is fine, just say hello.

*Get the phone number of your neighbors family member or closest friend incase you need to reach them in the event of an emergency.

It is good to remember that we all do get by when we know that there is someone out there who genuinely cares for us. Being there whenever you can to help out with little kind deeds for your elderly neighbor will surely bring in some sunshine and joy into their lonely lives. That warmth in their eyes and that sweet smile on their face is the best reward you can ever receive !