Today I cleaned my closet.

I know, I know, some of you might be thinking- “what’s so special about cleaning one’s closet “? Closet cleaning is one of those activities that we keep continuously postponing like Forever! Like its some mammoth job requiring a mighty heave of one’s mood, body and soul to eventually program your mind to getting down to doing it ! And I can tell you from experience that that’s exactly how it works! You need that switch in your head to be turned on and you are good to go !

I took a deep and intense look at the contents of my closet. Believe you me, I have some clothes dating back to the 90’s which I love ! Then there’s some I hold onto for God knows why ! A few, I’m reluctant to give away for some crazy reason like I love the color yet haven’t worn for ages, some faded and fall under the category of home attire. Then there are those that I tuck away in a box simply because they belong to a dear one who has long passed on . A few I could fix and reuse like missing buttons, a much-needed darning, a replacing of worn elastic waistbands etc and they are as good as new.

Most of our lives are like our closets… like the clothes we love, we hold onto precious and sacred memories and store them away in the deepest recesses of our mind. We hold onto suppressed anger and hurt, something we should have long since discarded and erased . Broken relationships which were worth mending and saving, if only we could see it for what it’s worth. Old and close friends who stood by you during your best and worst times of your life, like those 90’s clothes which stood the test of time, and those with whom you rarely kept in touch with but you both know the underlying respect and unspoken love you have for each other. Near and dear ones who have passed on and continue to live in our hearts and not in mementos or personal memorabilia.

Divorce, abandonment, rejection, disillusionment, hurt, pain, bitterness, harsh words, physical abuse, deceit, lies, quarrels- poison memories stored in the closet of our mind. These need to be discarded just like clothes we don’t really need. Holding onto toxic relationships and experiences are akin to lugging unwanted baggage, unnecessary clutter that messes up our sanity. Liberate that closet space in your mind, clear it up for good!

Instead, store joyful life moments like family, friends, spouse,children, grand-kids, graduation, dream jobs, accomplishment, answered prayers, kind words, blessings, births, weddings, pets- these are the clothes we should love and treasure the most – worth keeping and holding onto in the timeless archives of our closet head.

Pure as pearls

Clear as crystal

Fluid like water

Soft as petals

Crisp as the morning air

Delicate like butterfly wings

Fragrant as a baby’s skin

Tender as a lover’s kiss

Smooth as a new born leaf

Silky as a sparrow’s feather

Such is Life………………………..

So fragile, so indefinite, so precious, so ……..

Yet death is not the end……..

It is a new Beginning …………

From life’s first breath,

you sparked with joy-

Tender,soft, innocent, bubbly-

As bright as the sun shining on a dewdrop

Like the petals of a flower

that might not linger on…...

You spread your arms and embraced life

like a child holding tightly

to his favorite stuffed toy-

What then was that thin thread

that snapped when it could have

been held together by love, faith and hope ?

Life had already chalked out your future-

I wish I could take a glimpse into the past…

Right into your brain, to see your thoughts…..

What, what, what was it ???

Death is not permanent they say-

Perhaps you will return……….…………………………

The world was unprepared when news of the alarming spread of a relatively new virus-the Corona virus- trickled into every country via social media, electronic devices and the news channels. After the dreadful SARS, this was pronounced as the next biggest threat to mankind ! There is very little we can do as laymen,but educate ourselves and take the necessary precautions to safeguard ourselves against being exposed to this deadly contagion.

We humans, have a weird way of dealing with something as ominous as a pandemic . We tend to find humor in it! As serious as it was in the beginning, my WhatsApp messages received from various sources were turning comically nasty. There were jokes and caricatures which turned this very life-snatching disease into a reason to laugh !! What happens if your family member/friend fell victim to this dreadful viral outbreak ? Would you still laugh?

This should be a time of retrospection and prayer – for retribution and gratitude-for humbleness and thanksgiving- for change from within- for protecting loved ones- for re-evaluating ones life- for making changes in your life- for forgiveness and most of all , loving one another as our Creator intended for us. Love is the ultimate- that if we loved one another, everything else would be alright.

So folks, acknowledge the seriousness of this outbreak . There’s always something you can laugh about, when the situation rightfully demands it.

Peace and out.

After literally four decades, a post of our class photo on Facebook swept up a tsunami of awakening from one classmate to another and miraculously 18 of us excitedly converged into Coimbatore, South India, ( this being the place where we all had lived and studied) at the kind invitation of one of our classmates who graciously hosted us at her palatial home.

We became a bunch of joyous teens, some forgetting we were holding the grand title of “Grandmother” !! The tsunami continued to gather force as we hugged, teared, screamed, laughed, exchanged notes, toasted, wined and dined ! I must add age really looked pretty good on most of us !!

Since then, in the span of 4 years, four of our sweet friends have left us and moved to a higher realm. We miss them dearly and its only sweet memories that hold us together.

Made me think, all the more about life and the inescapable inevitability of us having to bid farewell to this earthly home one day. How does one cope with this? There is no manual with directions to steer the ‘living us’ from such a devastating,melancholy shroud of helplessness and sorrow towards a liberated spirit, free of anything but that which will help us soar high with euphoric joy at life itself ! I am blank.

I only know that I want us friends to continue to meet up, if not all at once, at least in pockets wherever and whenever. We have this amazing bond going on -we know there are still many more of our friends out there somewhere on this planet with whom we hope to connect- lets treasure one another while we are alive. To the dearly departed, we hold you in our hearts forever- always loved-never forgotten- in ribbons of memories that waft permanently in the archives of our minds. Love always !

Why do people of one religion obsess themselves into convincing someone of another religion that theirs is the true one and hence he should consider converting?

Why can’t religion be a private affair-between me and my Creator? Who plays God here- humans ?

As for me, a person who bears all the qualities of a good person is my idea of the embodiment of a godly person- not because he professes a particular religion, or attends his place of worship regularly or reads the holy scriptures and talks endlessly about his religion being the true one. Not because he holds a degree , lives in a mansion, drives a luxury car or wears expensive clothes. One is a testimony to his Creator by the way he conducts himself. Your way of life is your religion .

Has anyone seen God ? I have not seen God too but I have experienced God in many ways. I have seen God in creation, I have seen God in the gurgle of a baby, I have seen God in the perfection of a flower, in the beat of my spouses heart when I hold his hand, in the twilight hues when day turns into night, in the spots of a deer, in the stripes of a tiger, in the gentle breeze, the touch of water on my skin, the warmth of the sun, the love of a friend, the kindness of a neighbor, the love-glow in my doggies eyes,the shape of a fruit,the web of a spider, the song of a bird, the dance of the Northern lights, the smell of rain, the softness of a petal, the sound of the ocean, the glory of a waterfall, the smoothness of a pebble and I could go on forever.

How does our body function so systematically without us pressing any buttons, how does the bird know that she has to build a nest for her soon-to-be-born-babies, how does a chameleon camouflage itself so beautifully ,how does a seed sprout into a sapling and bear fruits, how does everything that has life know exactly what to do to survive? Wow! What a wonderful world we live in !

If we know how to look at life with wonder in our eyes, we will see that everything around us is nothing short of a miracle. So lets stop this bickering amongst us – quarreling about right religion, wrong religion, whose god is the true god, segregating oneself with one’s own warped ideals. We people are fighting for a piece of God and in the process forget we are human -instead, behaving like we OWN God and some of us believing that we ARE God ! Nobody has seen God, then why all this fighting????

Have you ever felt happy for no particular reason ?

Have you ever smiled just because you felt like?

Have you ever teared at the sight of the perfection of a flower?

Have you ever cried like you were breaking into a thousand pieces when you saw the suffering of an innocent animal ?

Have you ever laughed out loud when you walked into your home and your pooches greeted you with a myriad high-pitched barks and hind-leg dances?

Have you ever closed your eyes, taken a deep breath and felt a cloak of warmth and peace envelope you ?

Have you ever choked on your tears when you knew you had to make the best of the worst situation?

Have you ever felt so very grateful for life when you gaze upon a bird singing melodiously from the tree in your garden?

Have you ever looked at the majesty of a tree and marveled at its beauty without once wanting to know its name?

Have you ever realized that you are exactly where you are supposed to be because you are meant to learn something from it?

Have you ever wondered how miraculous this universe and everything around us is?

Have you ever touched a new,shiny leaf with your fingers and whispered to it how beautiful it is?

Life is full of wonder, magic and miracles. We just need to look…….. with our soul ……………..

I have tried to understand what this word actually means ! Can you actually be attached to a material thing simply because it reminds you of your childhood, your parents, loved ones, friends ? Okay, lets see – if my mum and dad bequeathed me a certain item that used to belong to them or to their parents, like an heirloom, I can quite understand my attachment to it and yet, at the same time, if tomorrow I have no food to eat , I should not feel bad or guilty if I have to sell it to feed my family.

And again, how many of us hold onto a house, a car, a dress, a piece of jewelry, a watch etc simply because it brings back memories of our childhood or it once belonged to a loved one? I know its debatable- I totally respect those of you who think otherwise- but for me, over the years I have learnt to let go of material things that I used to cling onto for sentimental reasons. I hold onto memories instead………….

No more shackles- Just Free !!

Note: The above is just the writers personal views.

Ask not what position, status,title he holds- instead ask, ‘is he a good human being’, is he kind without prejudice, is he compassionate , does he respect women, is he a good son, brother, father, does he value life and all living creatures? Is he a fair person? Does he possess good life habits etc…. But no- the scales tip in the opposite direction instead-

Most of us revere and respect position, fame, class and sometimes good looks and dressing, the house he lives in, the car he drives and trick ourselves into thinking that this is what makes up a ‘good person’.

Sadly, this will not go away in a hurry- we are shackled by false notions and value systems- and God knows when the blindness in our eyes will be wiped away to reveal the shining truth ……………..

How gullible have we been and continue to be with the scales blinding our sight- or is it that we simply refuse to see when we can ?

Look around us-stores and malls choc-a-block with branded names-some body  else’s names- Hilfiger, Pierre Cardin, Louis Vuitton, Chanel etc,etc

Owning a branded item and paying hundreds of Ringgit for it may give you a temporary fix and mostly false yet short-lived confidence, but have you ever asked yourself the source of that product ? Most often it has been assembled in dingy factory lots by extremely poor people including children , who work themselves to the bone for very long hours and take home tuppence which hardly provides a decent meal for their family. 

These products make their way to another country , the labels go on and so does the price . 

Who’s the fool here ? 

P.S.: This article is not meant to offend anyone- just the writers personal view.